Hello. I’ve been shooting assignments for advertising, corporate, editorial, and new media clients, and when I can, for the good cause for over 30 years.

Photography is my passport to amazing places, and an introduction to many fascinating people. It allows me to remember where I used to be, and sometimes, to remember the people that are no longer in the picture. It continues to be my incentive to make contact with the world around me, and to create a response. I’ve photographed just about everything, but my favorite subjects have always been people and places. I shoot portraits and lifestyle photographs of executives, artists, personalities, workers and everyday people. In my travels, I continue to explore my own personal documentary projects that involve the landscape, and the offbeat pop culture artifacts that sometimes appear within them.

On September 13, 2003 I had a stroke, resulting in aphasia. I can understand what you say to me, but sometimes it’s difficult for me to respond verbally. I now appreciate even more, the ability to express myself with photography.

After thirty years away running my commercial practice in Boston, I’m happy to be back home in the “Dimple of the Universe.”

Thanks for taking a look. I hope you enjoy the photographs. If you have questions or comments, please get in touch anytime.


-Clark Quin